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Her eyes peering looked at the front

At this time my old deskmate walked into my little world, she lend me her written notes, and patiently explain for me where I do not know, I watch the notes word by word I remember very neat, each focused place she would deliberately outlined, which makes me raw moved in the hearts of oil, North Face UK I have never seen her so seriously, never know what she told me so patiently after discharge, the north face uk ...

Were just two in a familiar strangers

Diary of a person, who is crying, past life difficult, goodbye goodbye habits every copy of every second do not want to habit but can not run away bitter, soulless flesh, the air was always covered with do not want to set off the wound, when Love does not smell, drunk and broken, more and more tired. Blue sky green sticks lean shadow, vigorous trunk of a skeleton hugged the whole sky. Mountains farther. Phase to ...