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nudge, tassels will be dancing. High heels


nudge, tassels will be dancing. High heels

Affected by the weak retail environment and heightened competition in the industry and the impact of e-commerce, Belle also gave a weak line. Currently with 18,316 retail stores in mainland China (including footwear 12,532) Belle, second-quarter same-store growth in footwear this year only 0.5%, same-store sales growth in the sports apparel business for 2.5%. High heels wearing really cannot be said to be very comfortable, especially the ultra thin high heel shoes. However, the nike air max 2009 mens  classic head design makes the toe load evenly, tall platform reduces foot height is not borne by reducing the shoes actually high quality leather with a soft texture. National wind's application is very extensive, even shoes above are also used. Asakuchi fish mouth high heels shoes with elegant radians, pure white and elegant use of blue shoes with a blue-and-white porcelain-like charm. Toe waterproof blue and followed by blue cloud pattern next to each other. Classic pointy little head design flowing lines in high heels looked very feminine. Overall no shoes pendant, wrapped around ankle height and better long legs lines. Thin high heels the entire body is pure black has a charm against the domineering revealed.

Super high heels make a woman overbearing, can also make women feminine attitude. Thin lines drawn with high heels legs while walking makes it must also keep an eye on walking posture. Asakuchi circled wave-carved in high heels will add a delicate for you. Very retro designs, hollow tread, straight, thick, thin, tassel, there are small, the superposition of multiple design elements it doesn't clutter instead reinforce an atmosphere of luxury. High waterproof and rough, can alleviate the pressure of high heels well. And ankle boots in the cold not cold has a unique advantage in the fall, it is good to protect the feet ankles are not affected by winds and very good contrast shank beautiful lines. Especially in solid color booties on top with shiny tassels,  nike air max 2011 womens nudge, tassels will be dancing. High heels have a magic, is every girl growing up have to experience experience that elongate the leg line to increase slim vindicated heels have unshirkable responsibilities. While the seasons change but when it comes to love of high heels and not as the temperature cools see how winter in high heels style.

Love sweet love MoE girls warm I collars collars hung on the mouth, collecting all information and fur collar. It's not, the shoes also have fur collar, this cluster seems to have less fur collar winter cold. Low-key luxury wine red, cute sister a chance to highlight the elegance. Like goofy appearance, looks pretty easy on the eyes than others, but in terms of increase is anything but subtle, can also let you enjoy the fresh air of the high altitude. Rabbit fur leather, materials of noble decided the shoe elegance, beauty girl, be sure to give it a try. Easy to wear not tired feet, is a Declaration on the heels of a new era, has been spoiled has been progress unabated. Unique heel treatment, increase the size of points, while thick platform, reaches a certain height does not need to pay what price, fur did join of elements on your heels a little tall inside it? Shoes and uppers of different color, sparks a visual contrast, dark atmosphere, wine red and elegant, Golden brilliance, dignified and elegant and feminine charm, great on a charming nature. Hot drilling more is a break-through in high heels with sparkling, stylish Joker.


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