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Dutian Yang in the Supra Store


Dutian Yang in the Supra Store

Whether these military commander may also request and regional governments do not care about opinions. Army is a well- functioning machine, command convey down, without asking why, do not care what the outcome, just to do it. Even if the above command is deployed them to Beijing, the Beijing area into garrison, they will www.buysuprashoesuk.co.uk earnestly to do it. Contact the municipal government of Guangzhou Military Region, to no avail, and immediately reported to a central anomaly. The central importance of the times things are abnormal, that command is issued by the, play to call him immediately and let him explain why. Dutian Yang d compile a lot of excuses, but these excuses can not convince the Central Political Department Minister Yuan Hua Du Tianyang found directly assigned by the central and ordered he immediately ordered, the Guangzhou Military troops evacuated the city.

Dutian Yang in the center and the military are all veteran, Yuan Hua did not put such a younger indifference, but he did not fail to central command executed, or would tantamount to treason. The only thing he can do is drag, drag can be more than www.suprashoes-uk.co.uk political parties are waiting to see the results of tonight's Green Gang has not been successful either kill cheap nike air max, Guangzhou pattern all will change. Three o'clock. The first is the word within the military. A regiment of troops into the city, on the streets and expand the garrison blockade has caused the high level of tension, the municipal government of Guangzhou Military Region, scored the phone, asking why, and allow them to immediately evacuate troops downtown.

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