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Wireless Door Intercom Ruling MPLA


Wireless Door Intercom Ruling MPLA

Although the words to say yes, but let the opposition UNITA, there is still considerable risk to the current form, we did not need to take the risk, not to mention we do not get any benefits and Xie sir, you say? Fernando asked. Door bell intercom leisurely chuckle, said. Inclusion of UNITA, MPLA and perhaps not much benefit, but I know that the benefits of the Prime Minister was certainly not less. Oh? Fernando heart of a dynamic, pretended nothing had happened, casually asked. I can get what kind of benefits? door bell intercom blinked, wanted to extend five fingers, but then I thought, retracted three. He held out two fingers in front of Fernando shook, said. Mr. Prime Minister can get this number of benefits.

Fernando eyes light up, mouth pumping spiritus a bit, but wireless door intercom them all out. Arrested people understand what he meant, a quick exit each room. Etc. After everyone left, Fernando said. Xie, talk about what you know and after the results are? door bell intercom smile, said. Block the ruling MPLA, UNITA opposition parties in the future, you compete ruling parties. Fernando laughed, shaking his head. Thus speaking, equal to our power away to UNITA half. Door bell intercom shrug. Can not say that. War period, UNITA killing innocent people is very bad reputation in the normal competition, they have not your opponent, not to mention you can also use the opportunity to govern the votes, I believe that UNITA would like the ruling, it is very difficult.



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