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Nike Air Trainers Jiang Sen


Nike Air Trainers Jiang Sen

Do not give them a chance to shoot, Zhao Hui even pull the trigger, bang bang bang, muzzle blasts out a few bullets, several of the guns to kill Han instant point. Is the enemy! Dragon Hall crowd who shouted wonder, then, wow look, knife and rushed to Zhao Hui. They shot it down, Zhao Hui calculation is almost a bullet, the gun away, the way to pull out a dagger, and rush over the crowd in a war. The dagger is a knife in his hand, much longer than ordinary dagger Many, many also sharp, hollow out the middle, even pierce the human body, pull out effortlessly. Zhao Hui fighting skills from any wind, knives easy road, tricky tricky, each knife is the key person and ran away. Lianhui dagger in his hand, through the narrow corridors of space, an ability to play up. I saw the coldness is not blinking out, always accompanied by blood and screams. Blink of an eye, five people have been injured in his sword, lying in a pool of blood, seeing is not live. Zhao Hui ferocious, so Long Hall crowd chilling, sharply attacking momentum.

Just then, a young man picked up a pistol from the ground, facing Zhao Hui is shot. Zhao Hui clearly seen, unfortunately, he's fast, but the bullet, he will try to bias nike air max trainers 90 place is obedient enough. Where he can think of, which is sent manpower has been one step too late, on the top floor of the dragon guarding the team who have been immaculate. Middle-aged leader Zhao Hui from the control room to see out, and wear their own clothes parishes clothing, look appearance, he also feels familiar, the feeling is one of us is right, but he is certainly not in the control room of people. He frowned, cold voice asked. Do you go to the control room? Zhao Hui smiled, did not answer, but suddenly a hand, palm pistol aimed at the middle-aged leader's head. Bang! Without warning, Zhao Hui did not say anything, raising his hand is shot. His marksmanship, well over Jiang Sen's guidance, although not as Jiang Sen, but so close to the next, or the eyesight of. Middle-aged leaders had no time to make any response, in the eyes of those with horror, his head had been shot penetrated. He fell down stiffly behind men have screamed, several people raised his gun.



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