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Cheap Nike Air Max pick eyebrow


Cheap Nike Air Max pick eyebrow

 Nike Air Max Shoes nodded, watching Cheap Nike Air Max said on the other day I listened to a theory of the service sector, called customer wrong is your fault, I feel it may be useful to you, do you want to listen to . Cheap Nike Air Max is very interested in looking at the Nike Air Max Shoes whispered heard you quickly talk about. Nike Air Max Shoes nodded and said softly you have not noticed, we went to a restaurant for dinner, especially little better hotels, or shopping in a supermarket when you gave cash to the cashier when they will duplicate receipt and you The amount of cash. Hello, charge you two hundred yuan or three hundred yuan.


Cheap Nike Air Max nodded, went and à la carte in the hotel after the waiter must be repeated to confirm our point of dishes, this does not seem to anything in particular, are everywhere so do. Nike Air Max Shoes nodded, whispered this fact hidden inside a service management philosophy to wholeheartedly do the best is not enough, mere service industry staff do not make mistakes, but also to avoid customer mistakes. Cheap Nike Air Max pick eyebrow, the hint of doubt in the eyes. Nike Air Max Shoes said, laughing customer wrong is your fault. Say, the customer obviously handed the $ 150, so the cashier did not confirm, find the money, customers remember correctly that pay two hundred yuan.


Course camera may also have other witnesses, the customer even remember correctly, the amount of payment apologize, but do you think the next time he will not come again. Cheap Nike Air Max shook his head and said softly, of course, will not be the last we dazzling happiness door was about to the door of the customer, results female customer accidentally slipped two door went into directly turned away. Since then, yet the total of these things, especially note stressed that we must provide good service, but I have not extended this theory. Now, you said, in fact, will understand. Nike Air Max Shoes chuckled and whispered anyway sales are common, In addition to this, you have to figure out the real needs of customers, in order to do more with less, a customer came in to get a customer.





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