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Nike Air Max Shoes glanced at him


Nike Air Max Shoes glanced at him

Laugh Nike Air Max Shoes, Cheap Nike Air Max comes to the surface, seems to be convinced there is a period of time, but even if it is on the surface, such a short time has been extremely rare. She thought for a while, said suddenly to the right, you just took office, the employees of the various positions of the bright happiness is more complicated, you just took over, be sure to emphasize discipline, so as not to neglect of duties, some of them into trouble. Cheap Nike Air Max nodded, then said softly recent spate of senior photographers leave, I think it might be because I still total the duties temporarily cause their dissatisfaction, I have not yet approved.


Nike Air Max Shoes glanced at him, whispered Archie approved. Cheap Nike Air Max hesitated slightly, those photographers seem to come directly to him to leave, he was just using something else to change the subject, do not respond. Nike Air Max Shoes know he is not stupid, but compare goodness relented, Mabu Kai the sensibilities, direct, said the kind of thing you can not own carry off, Archie is the artistic director, stands to reason that all photographers should be under his management, and not just responsible for art direction, and do not do the day-to-day administration.


The senior photographer series leave, First of all, you have to ask Archie, if he agreed to the scheduling of the photographer wanted him to get, if he does not agree, those the senior photographer natural to back down. http://www.123nikeairmax.com/ Cheap Nike Air Max looked at the Nike Air Max Shoes, enlightened, Nike Air Max Shoes inspired him further and said these photographers either really in a hurry, or are from the origin of the photography, but somehow take orders just to come to your mind is not satisfied with Want to test your attitude. If you are too easy-going attitude, may not be considered to be kind, to be considered a sign of weakness, management difficult. These photographers services so long, just would like to really stay here, dare not, and Archie petulant. Cheap Nike Air Max feel that things are this complex, followed nodded and said quietly, I will discuss with Archie about TRUELOVE countermeasures, we must as soon as possible to develop out of confidence to their employees, or they feel the bright happiness no chance of winning will, I'm afraid the general feeling of insecurity.




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