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Her eyes peering looked at the front


Her eyes peering looked at the front

At this time my old deskmate walked into my little world, she lend me her written notes, and patiently explain for me where I do not know, I watch the notes word by word I remember very neat, each focused place she would deliberately outlined, which makes me raw moved in the hearts of oil, North Face UK I have never seen her so seriously, never know what she told me so patiently after discharge, the north face uk together to talk about the dream, talked about the future of unfathomable each other to talk about the inner anguish, she told me her parents is an agricultural worker, and her parents are in the bustling world of the shuttle in the busy crowd a rugged landscape, dealing all day with a cold-blooded steel back in this world, but how many people can realize their hardships!


Her eyes peering looked at the front, as if thinking about those good times with their parents, it would seem filled with a confused, half a year's time the north face uk together only the third year, and later, she said she was leaving to a very distant place, because her domicile is not here, she was back home exam, North Face Outet I am reminded of that period, and you in time together for some gray traces of the past.


She is good at the same table, Middle School that year the north face uk carries the dream together, to struggle together for the same place! I remember one time I was sick was admitted to the hospital, my heart really anxious just math teacher speaking section of the function for that section is simply to describe dizzy, and I know what to do on my forehead a more sorrow.




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