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Were just two in a familiar strangers


Were just two in a familiar strangers

Diary of a person, who is crying, past life difficult, goodbye goodbye habits every copy of every second do not want to habit but can not run away bitter, soulless flesh, the air was always covered with do not want to set off the wound, when Love does not smell, drunk and broken, more and more tired. Blue sky green sticks lean shadow, vigorous trunk of a skeleton hugged the whole sky. Mountains farther. Phase to see the scenery, in the eyes of the sea has never changed. Snow solar terms, Morrowind chill like the addition of a wisp. North Face Outet I do not even have the courage to cry. Wine only know how much I resigned Unfortunately, drunk body was drunk not the bottom of my heart, spit, drunk, crying; smoke I can Choude the better than anyone else ruthless, slowly decadent time, but only once to show that I weakness.


Were just two in a familiar strangers pass by the street, the black-and-white world, the statement of how much sorrow, who is said to give me happiness, and keep my I love my life? A pull gone hand heart too indulgent with the proliferation of those who love, or am I just his lonely looking snuggle, when his arm around her, I still did not happiness is alternative, how much I think if I her, I have a number of times in the the original intersection one day he tired back to me, but wait for injury, North Face UK in exchange for only heartache and endless teardrop.




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