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All around the magnificent


All around the magnificent

Gentle melody, it is easy to produce a feeling of warm spring breezes, but the eyes of the master Therefore, it has become incomprehensible, both hands on the front stood up on a table, turned to the woman, yes, I'm coming. Are you okay? woman's face showing faint smile, people above, what is wrong as Wuhun ruler, even the two empires have comity third emperor saw me do you think I have nothing bad what? Masters sigh, Bibi East, I know you bitter hearts. Bibi East? not what you say, I'm about to forget the name. Please call me pope, or call me soon crown and I had not had that silly Bibi East. Yeah, it looks soft eyes beautiful woman, is that today Wuhun supreme ruler of all the divisions of the soul pilgrimage destination, the Pope, she was the youngest ever Wuhun pope, less than four years, and then took over the position of the Pope. Initially there Many people doubt issue can be as time goes on, in her good governance under the Wuhun more rapid development, but also more united. has a lot of people think that she will be the best generation Wuhun pope. Master looked back, indifferent eyes of the Pope disappeared, some can not bear a trace of emotion from video door phone. the knight sword. THIS forbidden, then step closer, shoot to kill. Hundreds strength significantly higher than the face to protect their temple knight, the master's look is still as usual apathy, raised his hand and flashed his token. headed by a guard house on the trot Knight ago, when he saw that six token pattern when machine Lingling can not help shivering. plop, knee knees.

Refer to the elders guard the house of one hundred knights uniform made the same action in their backdrop, the original master trivially no longer seem so trivial it. Took me to see the Pope. guru with the most simple words to tell each other their head to. Half an hour later, the Pope temple hall Procedure, the master quietly sipping fine tea, quietly waiting. Thousands of square meters of Procedure promise big hall, this time only one person. guru's eyes always focused on the top of tea in their hands, for All around the magnificent never see more he just quietly waiting. arches up to three meters to open, soft voice sounded at the door. waiting for you on the outside, without me to order, who also do not disturb. yes. Master's eyes finally move away from the tea on, towards the direction of the door and looked Procedure hall door opened, a woman came in from the outside. Figure is not high, a luxurious black gold-patterned robe, wearing nine purple crown, holding a length of about two meters, studded with countless gems scepter. near-perfect face. That she looked so different, especially showing the kind who invisibly noble sacred, and more yes it can not help give birth to pay homage to emotions. guru sitting. The woman walked through the door, too, stopped. Two eyes just in the air crash together. no spark burst. guru indifferently eyes have become what are apologetic, there are memories, but it is more a sense of loss of the women's eyes appeared instantaneous complex changes, she looks although only about thirty look, in fact, than her master also To take on an old, long over Pentecost. scepter hands on the ground, the issue of clicks into bite you came.



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