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Cheap Nike Air Max 1 Mens Trainers

Womens Nike Air Max 90 because of the super-maximum contract Durant brought pressure caused by this issue left over from history, in July 2010, Durant signed an advance with Thunder maximum salary contract extension, the effective date of the contract is the 2010-12 season that year, Cheap Nike Air Max 1 Mens the Thunder and Durant signed a maximum contract is worth 74 million in five years, in accordance with the prevailing labor provisions, his starting salary is 25% of the salary cap, but due to Durants contract was signed in advance, so that when the contract is in effect, the Union has introduced a new collective bargaining agreement, which includes a famous Rose clause, that is, if a player.


Cheap Nike Air Max 1 Womens rookie period (rookie contract within the first four years), to at least twice the leagues best team, or at least twice won the All-Star starter, or at least get a regular season MVP, Nike Air Max 90 Mens Trainers then he The starting salary under a contract from the salary cap can be raised to 25% 30% after the introduction of this rule, Durants agent argue that Durant has two times he was named Team of the Year having got this super maximum salary status, and the Alliance after examination, and ultimately admitted.


Durant super maximum salary position, so Durants contract becomes about 5 years 89 million, compared with The original contract was up around 15 million but this way, the Thunder can not stand it, Oklahoma City is a small city, Womens Nike Air Max 90 thought Durant give such a high salary, Nike Air Max 1 Womens the team needs to consider many more problems, but some problems left by history that these teams can not solve a few days ago, NBA Board meeting, Womens Nike Air Max 90 vote to decide compensation Russia Oklahoma City Thunder $ 15 million to compensate for Kevin - Durant [microblogging] super-maximum contract to bring pressure on wages.


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