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e. V, resistance to abrasion, so I feel I can give


e. V, resistance to abrasion, so I feel I can give

Often large. V, resistance to abrasion, so I feel I can give 9 points. ZK6 comes in two versions, except with XDR. After roll master of observation and actual combat, the feelings ZK6 XDR is very powerful, not as gimmicks as ZK5 7 majority. Camo blue with XDR, shoe lines deep and thick, this can be seen with the naked eye, plus rubber hard when condensation of the Mizuno Centennial history of brand heritage, exaggerated shapes precisely reflects the strongest sense of science and technology, fine and intentions of its interpretation of the Japanese-style running shoes, are wo adidas basket profi up uk thy of the most grotesque work. "The cloud" as the materials of Li-Ning's latest cushioning technology, its outstanding performance in running shoes, we have seen one or two, lighter and the characteristics of the bomb will become the focus of future development. And as basketball shoes for the first timeApplication adidas energy boost 2 uk ost of the CBA players this season, along with the white-hot playoff contention, this boot has truly withstood the test of practice. Copy IMG_1430. jpg LI-NING Devil looks very smooth, made of high performance plastic material upper lines and on both sides of the shark-Gill style presents the unusual sensation of speed. Using wavy lines to the performance at the end of, with the unique effect of metal spray paint, light color more vivid. High uppers of shoes, feet wide, suitable for common Asian foot type. Touch of inheritance at the end of the cloud in cushioning technology is good playingUltra Shell technology elements are used, from whole blocks of plastic materials to complete complex upper parcels tasks. Tighten the laces wrapped after remarkable and bent in all directions a compromise has good toughness, is not as hard as it looks. Plastic material is under a layer of breathable mesh for easy circulation of air inside the shoe, tests can even feel the breeze inside the shoe is not hot at all. Upper at relatively simple design, inherited the flowing lines of the neat features, height and little filler as possible in ensuring enough flexibility, and several ventilation holes are placed in key positions, LI-NING degree of care is evident. Copies IMG_1409. jpg midsole cushioning material used piece of cloud, in volume when compared with similar technology second to none. But in the end is not too thick, and


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