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Yue party ID, September 1 to Sept


Yue party ID, September 1 to Sept

arts assembled raw materials of artwork was praised by site visitors by activity at the site of successive British and American classic shoe-producing live live to reproduce, British and American-made footwear show, spiritual meaning is New Balance's ultimate show. For a scene from the New Balance of Norridgewock, Maine factory artisans guests footwear deductive process, all equipment are flown in from abroad, and guests can enjoy the skills of craftsmen skilled at close range and feel perfect pursuit of sh adidas toe touch oe from every aspect of quality. More than 200 participants from celebrities, such as culture, art, fashion, and media from around the country to witness the New-Balance Anglo-American-made series-grand opening of the exhibition it is reported that the British and American-made series tour will be in Shenyang, Wuhan, Changsha, Chengdu

Shanghai and XI ' an, 5-7 days of exhibition, the specific timing: September 1 – September 7 in Shen Yang Baosheng street movement, and Yue party ID, September 1 to September 5 in Changsha Mall;9 10th-September 14 in Wuhan department store Plaza; September 17 to September 21 global shopping center in Chengdu; September 22-September 28 in Shanghai Zhengda Plaza September 26 to September 30 from XI ' an, Xiao Zhai SEG. Feililin 3.1 (3.1 Phillip Lim) is a Chinese-American designer Lin Nengping (Phillip Lim) in 2005, the brand, is one of many success stories in emerging fashion brands. 3.1 Phillip Lim to a unique style of disseminating contemporary sense of luxury into every memory will be cool urban clo adidas springblade thes, matured at the same time wild and volatile, won the Cameron Diaz (Cameron Diaz) and Nicole Richie (Nicole Richie) and other stars

In hot pursuit. In addition to clothing, 3.1 Phillip Lim and sneaker sneakers, it also meets the pursuit of fashion and comfort people need not to exercise, which can also wear it, slip a street can earn a few extra sensation. Last year, the designer Lin Nengping (Phillip Lim) 40 year old birthday party held in Berlin, Berlin is full of cultural heritage to give Phillip Lim designs of power. Born in the 90 's "Berlin Carnival of culture" fascinated him, ultra modern "culture party", even era heyday still retained the imprint, as well as Berlin has some dignity. 3.1 Phillip Lim to inject corduroy on the often used in clothing footwear, this symbol of Trance top sneakers absolutely avant-garde tastes, noble dark blue corduroys feel rough, smooth leather and wool, as


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