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eek's news, not determine if Le


eek's news, not determine if Le

News that few of us have decided that the blue shoe that LeBron is 12. Available at everyone's interest faded when also h adidas stan smith as a message for our eyes lit up. This dark-colored shoes with a mango-colored decorations, from the bottom of the structure and previous LeBron little difference 12 versions, but the upper structure is very different. This mesh based on seemingly some of the hardness of the material have been added to support, which has the effect of powder decoration, this could not help but remind us of last week's news, not determine if LeBron had two 12 shoes together, but we did not pay attention to. To believe that with the emergence of this, LeBron 12 which looks like is not so sure anymore, right? Remember began to hype this year from last year's NBA draft is

Draft annual, excellent College players in rushing in the 2014 draft luck, can be considered a Qiang Liqiang. Rumored rival 03 "golden generation", gives us many look forward to these rookies. This week the 27th, NBA dust settles, Victoria Hopkins delivered, was chosen by the Cavaliers, becoming the champion in the star of hope.  adidas climacool ride But the interesting thing is that in the Sneaker community, Victoria Hopkins was robbed by runner-up Sau gubali·pake. In a draft-day morning, Jordan Brand announced the signing of gubali·pake, enough to see its full confidence in the ability of, not to determine the final sequence of cases already announced. Thus, we champion weijinsi signing brand felt the increased interest, which in the intense competition? After 6

Months of finishing the restructuring, the news that Nike's website, resume the sale of limited edition sneakers and upgrade their captcha system, with a view to shielding the robot's harassment. This is certainly a good measure, maintained to a greater extent our common interests of buyers, but I still believe in information technology, foolproof, so advice is a rational attitude in our current environment, not too serious, of course, original price: buy better! No man's watch is back, for a small Beijing can take over this job for me is a little courage, forced on the egg, I can not fly his shirts, code word here to regret I didn't see a few of the present on the importance of eggs made. So is good when it is a shortcoming of the egg, egg slag also ask God to a lot of advice that is! Anyway, this week's sneaker festivities is


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