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i was moved to the shoes on, coupled with


i was moved to the shoes on, coupled with

So, although we are all more or less gain petty advantages, but in the face of unexpected "cheap", we actually think it can avoid getting stung. Learn more knowledge, and Polish their eyes and do not take advantage of vague, I believe we will stay away from fake, we work together. "Keyword – clover store" clover adidas Originals we kno adidas originalsw brands recently opened in Shanghai, they contain a rich featured flagship store in Shanghai. This flagship store is the adidas home to Germany after the world's second home, located in Nanjing West Road Shanghai fashion and trends, store decoration and elements of the decoration reflects the Shanghai map, very grounded. On the opening of the store events, adidas has also invited a number of show business celebrities to help out, but we also pay attention to the still limited-Shanghai

Adidas Originals ZX Flux. This by Ken Ferguson feet more and more popular running shoe is now beyond the scope of functional sneakers, was given the trend of more genes, it uses a seamless upper for graffiti, ideas are easy to im adidas js wings 2.0 plement. This limited edition in Shanghai is also massaged the uppers, aerial of old Shanghai was moved to the shoes on, coupled withi was moved to the shoes on, coupled withthe dark red similar to the old film effect, play well the charm of old Shanghai. Now China is the main battlefield of the major brands in the market, an endless stream of various marketing tools, but many of them cannot be accepted, because depends on didn't take our consumer psychology. Of course, this is a subject that are too ambitious, but as consumers, we simply want to get more intimate design and services. The Shamrock's new flagship store

Opened and we do not know if this model does not work, but we can see this more than a pursuit of big stores, more local elements and a grounded gas products so we are delighted and hope that can be seen around us more outstanding Chinese elements. Since 1996 contemporary sports Shang of a poster Shang first times see this LIL PENNY zhihou, has is years no this small things of news has, until last year, he also shouted out has "I'M BACK" zhihou I only realized that, so years passed, but PENNY series still will continues to he of legend PENNY series even in AJ series most brilliant of that years is more of, PENNY1-3 and AJ12-14 as, is a era of monument. May not be an exaggeration to say, PENNY is second only to MJ shoes industry figure, even if retired after many years of


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