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true...... "Yang j kite despite applause and comforting, hide their necks were slightly injured. He understood her feelings today if she was tied up, his response is likely to be just like her, worry, fear, not themselves. They hold each other closely, don't care if someone is watching them, the huge world as if only they left. Sitting next to unauthorized persons, smile at each other, and other unwelcome words quietly receded. I do not know how long did embrace, Cai Minmin embarrassed pushes him, shyly rubbed his face full of tears and snot. "Can you come back, it's nice. "" Min Min, then---you can forgive me, right? With hoping that mood, Yang j kite asked cautiously. The so-called continue the triumphant pursuit, well, maybe it shouldn't, but he thought she was for his safe return, ecstatic about this matter, is definitely a good time. "Pardon?" Cai Minmin action suddenly paused. "Well, something was I deceived you, you should not blame me again?" He smiled his eyes, thinking it is absolutely secure. He returned from the disaster, how his woman may also bear blame him? huh! Cai Minmin crying red eyes stare, out sparks in her eyes, small, bright red lips pout, looked like a happy, happy look. "You ... ... What's up? " Yang j kite looked at her scalp numb, does not understand why she would that pair of expressions. "You think deceived me, tease me, squeeze me before things can be so simple to cancel?" Cai Minmin on cute face like a flower, there is snow white stepmother eerie look. "Company, but ... ... You just aren't my thing, crying very sad? "" Just now is just now. Used to be previously, two different things, how could compare? " Bed blanket! Yang j kite suddenly dumbfounded. People say woman fickle unpredictable, he has personally seen this time. "But I just managed to safe return--" "so you have a good rest, and I go, bye!" Cai Minmin quickly got up and headoakley sunglasses holbrook
back to leave. Yang j kite surprise mouth Askew, daileng, and looked at her lightly away in dismay. "Poof!" Out, Cai Minmin immediately laughed out. Deserved it! every time he makeon people, after all this time it was her turn export grievances. Hey! " Alas! "Yang j kite zhizhe head, lazily sat on the sofa, and occasionally sad sigh. Xylotrechus rusticus is reading the newspaper will move away from newspapers to sons face, look at a few eyes, shook his head, also moved back to continue to read his newspaper. "AW, shucks!" Enduring blame man and be in a trance for a moment, continue to spit on his belly full of grievances. Xylotrechus rusticus distressed son doldrums, and so advised: "a c kite, dad told you (say), feet (husband) monkey (Ho) with no wife? dad there pot (a) friend, his beautiful daughter is also very good, do you want to go and have a look? that is seen to pot (a) also good!" " I just Min Min. "Yang j kite even eyelids are too lazy to look up. Another woman, he's any interest at all. "ROAR! your (say) you son, there really is not enough" road "!" Xylotrechus rusticus intolerable, throwing newspapers, start's going ballistic several speeches. "Enough (had) pigment (is) a woman, actually so long are get adventitious! wanted to year even (I) pursuit you MOM Shi, only with has a root hand bamboo (refers to) head, she on obediently followed you Laozi even has, or pigment that tert-(Shi) waiting old children people too more has, get was even powder


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they don't even know their prefect adults normally patrol by where ever shake from side to side, no one know tourin? "She did notleave to. "" Benefactor? " Her big mouth, stayed. Said so much, she thought he changed his mind, but he still is to go sth Or leave her! look in her eyes and red, snow fall hastened to explain: "a lot, even if I am gone, soon will come back, you know, I have to finish the enemy into, it is my responsibility. "Her to breathe the nose, strong-calm down, still failing to hide her nervous, cold little hand took him by the hand," you mean, you want to leave the Fort with the number to look for lots of Shen, found on the back? " He nodded. "If you don't find it? does not come back?" Her eyes full of agitation. Autumn Snow yizheng, was silent for a moment. To be fair, many left to continue in those days wandering minstrels, he tried not and do not care, just imagine, pain in the chest began to sth But lots of possessions are in here, root also in here, he to selfish to requirements she with themselves go did? if to does not up commitment, and to does not up stability of life, he bear let lots followed he after Lakes weathered did? especially he now with wings everyone jealous of "reservoir Po figure", although afraid those a clown came to provocation, but if lots with in side, has a what slip words, that and the do does? he of face serious deep has up. If more harm, he will never in this life will not forgive myself! " Benefactor? " Lot of small pale face, given the given the tight face to reach out and touch him, "you didn't answer me, if the person is not answer. Sitting too close to him, so she is a little out of breath.d in a simple white robe, waist of purple with green jade with sth He is also a elegant simplicity, but conceal a share of romantic manner. Yingying foun What is the full name, they only know the tour was "man" on the right. This is what Ah? Love love almost didn't faint. Appears to have had to rely on their own. Since it is the tiny visits, visits by the adult, we will have dressed as civilians, unfortunately, came to Fort gamble, tourism, trade in the field of so many, so many people are looking for a old man look unfamiliar sth It is hard to yeah! The fourth day at noon, love finally could, stood in the streets of people short of breath to shout. "Dead old man rolled to where Ah Ah Ah sth, ' she gave a shout, scaring the hawkers selling eggs dropped hit several, sit and eat nearly into the nostrils to noodles to feed the guests. Most people are amazed and turned his head to see her, thought it was a crazy woman, but seeing her ten<a href="http://www.oakleycheapsunglassesoutletsale.com/guarantee-optimal-comfort-oakley-jawbone-black-p-273.html">oakley jawbone matte black</a>der welcome, furniture is a stay, just hold the bird also called do not export. "For lunch. "Roaring out is comfortable, but will not help at all. Love losituation. "She is just . Besides, she made an appointment with him, Morrow to You Bishan Tsz Temple together, hehe sth Great gape at her smiling, Nene: "However, but sth" "many good, this time I'm away, hard Square bet you. "She patted a lot of tender and tender cheek, smiling happily:" I have great things to do, is very important, our big bet square and death, did you forget? So no ma -inspiring oakley sunglasses holbrook

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