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Representatives suggested delaying retirement as soon as possible: male to 65 years old On behalf..

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Representatives suggested delaying retirement as soon as possible: male to 65 years old On behalf..

Representatives suggested delaying retirement as soon as possible: male to 65 years old On behalf of the proposed pension reform as soon as possible to propose to postpone the retirement age of employees retro jordan shoes cheap, men to 65 years old, women raised to 60 years old yesterday, the NPC Standing Committee to consider the State Council on the overall urban and rural social security system to promote the work of the report. Some members suggested that as soon as possible to postpone the retirement age of employees to solve the problem of corporate employees pension, men raised to 65 years of age, women raised to 60 years old. 'Two-track system' should be estimated after the reform of the pension gap The State Council Vice Premier Ma Kai 23 report, said the future party and government organs, institutions will establish the same basic old-age insurance system with the enterprise, 'two-track system' will be broken. The pension reform program has been drafted and approved by the Standing Committee of the State Council and the Standing Committee of the Central Political Bureau. Yesterday, Yang Zhen, members of the Committee said that the pension reform program, the state of the basic old-age insurance unified, the rest of the part depends on the payment of annuities, pay more to take more, pay less The After the implementation of the reform, institutions and corporate retirees pension between the gap will be reduced, the relevant departments should be measured. 'Because the gap between the enterprises themselves is also very large cheap nike air max shoes, and some business is very good, and some companies are poor, so different enterprises for workers to pay the annuity can not be the same as a supplement is not the upper and lower limit? Can control the retirement income gap? 'Yang Zhen said that the hope that the introduction of new policies, can make social contradictions to be alleviated, do not create new social contradictions and even expand social contradictions. For the reform of the pension, the yellow flower representatives said that the decision-making departments must go to the policy as soon as possible landing, social and social departments as policy makers, not only from their own point of view, or from a small number of departments to consider the issue, should take into account the people, The interests of the group. Delayed retirement proposal to implement a flexible retirement system Ma Kai 23 report, said the study will be developed to develop a progressive delay in retirement policy to improve the basic old-age insurance to support workers. Yesterday, Su Xiaoyun members said that the current staff of the problem of retirement wages is more prominent, once the withdrawal of wages, the impact will be great. He said that the problem should be based on the system to resolve, as soon as possible the implementation of corporate employees to postpone retirement, 'now workers men 55 years old retired, the female is 50 years old retired.Enterprise cadres, men are 60 years old retired, female is 55 years old from the physical condition and average life expectancy, more than 60 years old, 70 years old looks like 50 years old, the body is still very good. 'Su Xiaoyun suggested that the employees of the retirement age of men raised to 65 years old, Women raised to 60 years old. 'This is more than five years (old-age insurance), less five years (pension), from the physical condition, there is no much impact. This approach is also the world's many countries to solve the problem.' Lv Zu-shan members said, Delayed retirement, it should be a way to take, but also must take the approach. Delayed retirement age may increase the pressure on new jobs, and it is necessary to arrange the balance between the two. National People 's Congress on behalf of the yellow flower recommended the implementation of flexible retirement system, 'provides a statutory retirement age, a normal retirement age and a late retirement age, so that their choice, if you choose to delay retirement, the pension can be increased if only delayed retirement Believe that 100% of people will be opposed. 'Should not delay the retirement: point of view of the square of China's retirement age and other countries compared to early. At present, China's legal retirement age is 60 years old, female 55 years old (cadre) or 50 years old (workers) air jordan shoes cheap. In Europe and the United States universal retirement age is 65 years old, the United States is 67 years old, Japan is 65 years old, female 60 years old. With the improvement of living standards, people's life continues to improve, so the delay in retirement age is an inevitable trend, but also in many positions also need these experienced elderly continue to light fever. Delayed retirement helps to make up for pension deficits and ease pension pressures. According to the latest data this year, China's current pension account is about 1.3 trillion yuan. If these people continue to work at the age of 60 nike air max 2017, then they will not only receive a pension, but also continue to pay the pension. Anti-side 2009 statistics show that the average life expectancy of Chinese people is 73 years old. If the retirement age is delayed to 65 years old, then the average can only take 8 years of pension. And before, has paid a few decades of pension, so let some people call the unfair. At present, China's aging trend is still accelerating, not only the country's total number of people over the age of 60 did not change cheap jordans shoes, and its growth rate has not changed. More importantly, the wealth growth of the whole society has not changed, the growth trend of fiscal revenue has not changed. In other words, all the decisive and substantive factors related to the maintenance of the elderly over the age of 60 have not changed. In this context, let the workers dry for several years, late retirement for several years, and will not effectively alleviate the pension pressure. Experts point delay retreat is imperative Aunt 50-year-old jump square dance is too wasteful economic growth rate to different countries, because if the country's growth rate should be convergence, then, is about 2% -3%, which is not Incorrect. The problem is that some of the high-growth economies, those who achieve catch up with the economy, he actually has to converge to a relatively low growth rate, to a longer time. I compare to China, to the present, and those high growth economies are very very similar. If there is a happy family, then happy family is the same, China belongs to that happy family. This judgment, China will fall to about 3% after ten years, I think it is too pessimistic. On the population issue, I said one thing, the population problem may not be too pessimistic, the impact is there, the problem is that we still have a lot of room for adjustment. Just talked about reform, in fact, there is a reform we should absolutely do today, is to extend the retirement age, we are 50 years old women can retire, male workers can retire 55 years old, it is a great waste. We have this generation, it is estimated that 20% of women want to live 90 years old, and then go down, there will be more people to live 90 years old, social security is clearly can not stand, even from now on, Age, you can complete the loss of labor to make up. My own forecast, the next decade to maintain the growth rate of more than 7%, should be no problem. If the reform today, there are resistance, ten years later, the resistance will be greater reform, because we are accustomed to early retirement, we saw the square dancing aunt who lived very happy, ten years later she would be more pleasant, Resistance will be greater. And after a decade we had to raise the age of 5, but not as small as now, a small increase every year a little bit, we simply do not feel, but 20 years later, the retirement age generally rose to 60 Age, developed countries are 67 years old, more than we work for nearly 20 years.

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