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'Occupies' the woman to take the anti-wolf players to curse...

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'Occupies' the woman to take the anti-wolf players to curse...

'Occupies' the woman to take the anti-wolf players to curse the mainland female tourists (Figure) (Video screenshots) police at the scene to understand the original title: Hong Kong media: 'accounted for' women with anti-wolf Hong Kong 'has accounted for more than 50 days retro jordan shoes cheap, in addition to affecting the livelihood of the people of Hong Kong, but also spread to mainland tourists. 1 mainland female tourists yesterday (20) was 'accounted for' elements chasing cheap nike air max shoes. According to the Hong Kong East network reported that 11 o'clock that morning, the tourists passing Nathan Road northbound near the Shandong Street near a scaffolding, suspected dissatisfied with the scaffolding road and workers workers quarrel. Stay in Mong Kok 'occupation area' for many days, from time to time excited and curse of the 'occupation of women' Zhen Qiaoyi seeing this, that came forward to denounce the name of the passengers; during which she also remove the anti-wolf, issued a harsh sound and catch each other, also Can not live loudly cursed, the female passengers numerous trouble, then hiding near the gold line, during the police officers approached mediation. According to the observer network editor query, 25-year-old Zhen Qiaoyi for part-time waiters, is a single mother, son a year and a half. September 30, she left the family to give up the work air jordan shoes cheap, to participate in 'accounting', almost daily and anti-occupied warriors and disputes, was brought back to the police station, but the dress 'zombie jump', words and deeds. His father repeatedly came to Mong Kok to persuade her to go home have been rejected, on October 30, his father once again arrived in the 'occupation area' to find a woman nike air max 2017, the two in the street dispute, disturbed some, Zhen Qiaoyi opportunistic escape, his father was angry Reverberant. Zhen Qiaoyi this time for the media crying that I am sorry family, but she insisted in the 'occupation area' to find the value and meaning of survival cheap jordans shoes. In addition, in the 'occupation area' trying to split roadblocks and attempt to jump off the man 'Ah Man', 11 o'clock in the morning and arrived in Zhanang District, he said he had talked with the occupants, many occupiers said to evacuate as soon as possible. He also claimed to act in conjunction with small businesses and district board members, but declined to disclose the details.


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