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With the use of air-conditioning frequency increases...

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With the use of air-conditioning frequency increases...

With the use of air-conditioning frequency increases, the car is not a smell, that is, air conditioning can not be cooled, or a use of air conditioning, the car becomes weak ... ... disease 1 air conditioning refrigeration is not to force 'long time did not use the car air conditioning, One day hot, the car after the air conditioning opened only to find a problem.Although there is cold wind blowing, but only in the outlet can feel, the cooling effect is not obvious, there is no abnormal air conditioning around the situation, is Editor's note yo? The doctor diagnosed: refrigerant leakage prescription: add refrigerant + cleaning some car air conditioning after nearly six months of deactivation retro jordan shoes cheap, the refrigerant may have been light leakage, need to add, the owner to repair the repair shop at the same time, remember to remind the repair staff do not forget to clean Evaporator and air conditioning filter, their clogging will affect the cooling effect, at the same time, but also to check whether the cooling effect of air conditioning and factory indicators are consistent, this is often easy to forget the owners of the place. In addition, the best summer to air conditioning to a full cleaning, the market has a lot of cleaning air conditioning duct cleaning agent, the owner can buy their own cleaning, you can also go to the 4S shop or car decoration shop, please hand treatment. Illness 2 open air-conditioned car difficult to start 'My car displacement is only 1.0L, usually I do not use the air conditioning, mainly two days ago is too hot, put the air conditioning open, I think after opening, the car is more difficult than usual Start the car can not be small cars can not use air conditioning it! 'Diagnosis: engine load too large prescription: first open air conditioning outside the summer parked in the sun under the car cheap nike air max shoes, the car temperature may be as high as sixty or seventy degrees Celsius, then First open the door, the windows open, you can use the fan for ventilation, and so on two or three minutes after the hot air discharged into the car. Do not rush to shut the window at this time, first open the air conditioning outside the loop, to be inside and outside the car temperature is similar, and then close the window, the use of internal circulation. Although the beginning of this hot point, but to avoid the engine when the load is too large, but also to facilitate the air conditioning compressor quickly into the best working condition. Illness 3 only outlet hot air 'Now I air conditioning open, not only not cooling, and the outlet only hot air, had wanted to cool the weather, the result but more and more hot, do not know where the problem.' Diagnosis: Evaporator Damage to the prescription: air conditioning system cleaning agent experts pointed out that the actual air outlet is also very particular about the air, according to the physical principles of air circulation, cold air will sink and hot air convection, so open air conditioning when the outlet up The formation of hot and cold air convection, improve the cooling rate. After removing the air conditioning filter, find the evaporator of the vehicle, the evaporator in the cooling process will condense the water in the air, and adhesion dust, dirt breeding bacteria. At this point you need to 'car professional air conditioning system cleaner' filled with the surface of the evaporator and the original air conditioning filter space. Illness 4 air conditioning after the start of the squeak 'I opened the air conditioning air jordan shoes cheap, the air conditioning to start the sound without law, about the sound, wait and so on, and then wait and then start to start, after the air conditioning outlet air conditioning is normal delivery , Is every few minutes have a 'creak' sound, what is this situation? 'Diagnosis: parts damaged prescription: carpet-type air conditioning noise abnormalities are generally air conditioning compressor abnormal sound, in the vicinity of air conditioning compressors can feel sound. Such abnormalities are generally due to the inclusion of refrigerant and air in the refrigerant composition. If the situation is still in the vicinity of the compressor, and the abnormal position is located in the vicinity of the compressor, then the internal mechanical structure of the compressor is more likely to damage; if after a period of time after the abnormal response, and is located inside the console, the dry bottle efficiency A greater chance. After successive investigation, find the key to the problem, can only prescribe the right medicine. Illness 5 air conditioning after cleaning is still smell 'I will be cleaning each year before the summer air conditioning, is afraid of the smell, but this year after cleaning did not last long and found that air conditioning or smell, air conditioning useless for a long time, do not have to change? Diagnosis: the car used to have the wrong side: before the first air conditioning air conditioning odor off, mostly due to the accumulation of condensate in the air conditioning tube, forming a dark and humid environment nike air max 2017, making the mold multiply, light cleaning is a temporary solution, Should be from the daily driving habits to find a problem cheap jordans shoes. Many people are accustomed to a parking on the air conditioning, which will lead to condensation of sediment in the pipeline, the condensate and dust in the air attached to the surface of the evaporator, it will breed a lot of bacteria, with air conditioning blowing air pollution The whole car air. It is best to reach the destination three or five minutes before the turn off the air conditioning, or reach the destination turn off the air conditioning power to keep the fan idling, the appropriate increase in air volume, air conditioning in the pipeline before the temperature rise, in order to reduce the generation of condensate, Keep the air conditioning system dry. Experts also reminded that some people use air freshener or perfume to cover the smell of air conditioning, not only beneficial but harmful, to solve the air smell, it is best to use professional equipment on the air conditioning and duct to do a thorough disinfection and sterilization.


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