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In recent years, 'suicide' has become a no longer a rare ...

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In recent years, 'suicide' has become a no longer a rare ...

In recent years, 'suicide' has become a no longer a rare social phenomenon. Only two months ago, there are the United States Lincoln Park band lead singer, Taiwan talented writers and other celebrities suicide news seen in the news, at the same time, the general population is also frequent occurrence of adolescent suicide events. Therefore, on September 10, the World Suicide Prevention Day is approaching, I focus on 'prevention' to talk about. The psychological mechanisms that lead to suicidal behavior may include infancy cheap nike dunk shoes, childhood traumatic experiences, loss of intimacy, crisis of identity, fear of survival, loss of self-worth, and so on. The main causes of suicide include mental illness, social and psychological factors, personality defects, physical illness and so on. Relevant data show that in China, rural suicide rate is higher than the city, women than men. Suffering tendencies and behavior not only affect the quality of individual life cheap nike shoes online, but also to the mourners who bear great grief, in addition, will cause ripple effect, a person suicide will make an average of six family and friends of life affected. According to statistics, suicide dead relatives and friends in about 47% had suicidal behavior. Faced with this situation, I think the key to preventing suicide is to identify suicide aura. People who want to commit suicide may have signs of a few days, weeks or months before committing suicide, such as: 1. Often appear in speech or writing, always talk or think of death; that they have nothing cheap nike air max 2017, no hope or feel Despair; frequently talked about 'leaving' or 'goodbye'; 2 cheap air jordan mens. increasingly severe depression, feeling extremely frustrated cheap nike free shoes, shame or guilt; 3. sudden, unexpectedly from sadness to peace and serenity, and even show a happy Look at or call someone to bid farewell to the matter; stop the matter to stop the things to be discarded, change the will; 5. consider the way to commit suicide , To seek the means of suicide; to make some irrational or weird behavior. Therefore, when the people around to show the above signs, we should give more care and attention. Of course, even if faced with 'threat of suicide', proper emergency treatment can also avoid tragedy. First of all, keep calm, do not let the parties alone to stay, do not let contact with guns, knives, drugs and other dangerous goods, seek the help of hospitals and other specialized agencies; wait for help, the parties must 'listen' to keep the eyes Contact, ask the parties to understand their suicide and whether it is really 'planned suicide'; if the parties once committed suicide, should call emergency calls, and as far as possible the implementation of on-site first aid.


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