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The public security organs cracked the network part-time brush single...

Smashed fake sports shoes sales of more than 3 million cases worth

The public security organs cracked the network part-time brush single...

The public security organs cracked the network part-time brush single fraud case arrested more than two thousand suspects case of thousands of newspaper Beijing September 7 correspondent Cai Changchun Ministry of Public Security recently organized the command of Jiangsu cheap nike dunk shoes, Zhejiang, Hunan and other 14 provincial public security organs to carry out To combat the '3 · 13' network part-time brush single fraud project focus on the network action, a total of 45 people involved in the promotion of SMS promotion company, illegal sales recovery phone cards, game cards involved in the company 8, arrested 2075 suspects cheap nike shoes online, To break the national network part-time brush single fraud case tens of thousands, involving the value of more than 3,000 million. January 2017 in January to February, Jiangsu Suqian, Hunan and Changsha, the public security organs have received the victims of the alarm, said the first received from the '1069' SMS platform for recruiting part-time brush single staff SMS, in the text message provided QQ contact, in accordance with the requirements of the other, from the designated mobile phone card online sales platform to 110 yuan price to buy a face value of 100 yuan mobile phone recharge card, and the card number, password and order number sent to each other, the other immediately through the payment of treasure Back to 115 yuan. Subsequently, according to the other requirements, but also from the platform to buy the same price of a number of mobile phone recharge cards, the card number, password and order number sent to each other after the other side is no return, recharge card has become empty card, then found cheated. After the case, the two police attach great importance to the deployment of elite forces, to carry out the detection of the case. Through the information flow, the flow of funds and other traceability tracking, and soon found the crime network in the mobile phone calls online recharge service providers, mobile phone recharge card online vendors cheap nike air max 2017, fraud keyboard players, mobile phone recharge cards online senders, '1069' SMS platform sub Contractors collusion, co-committing a crime of a large brush fraud network, the case involves the 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, involving the amount of up to tens of millions of dollars. Ministry of Public Security will be the case as '3.13' network part-time brush single fraud project to be supervised, and organize a dedicated force to carry out the investigation work cheap air jordan mens. After nearly six months of fierce struggle, and gradually sort out the criminal gang organization and activity trajectory cheap nike free shoes. May 23, the Ministry of Public Security decided to carry out network action, has now completely destroyed the telecommunications network fraud group.


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