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living room carpets curtain fabric dotted

Windowsill Mats

living room carpets curtain fabric dotted

Hong Kong has no curtains, cloth market focus on the sale of textile products, but the streets filled with a variety of unique design, product unique home store. Curtains, fabric sofas, carpets and other shops often and furniture shops in droves, such as Queen's Road East, North Point Chek Wah Road, Sham Shui Po is the case, there are high-end sales of high-grade antique cloth shop, mostly in Central Wellington Street , Put flowers street and Hollywood Road. In addition to shopping malls in some high-end bedding, ordinary bedding shop also scattered in the streets, mostly small business shop, the most intensive in the middle of Shanghai Street. "Queen's Road West and Queen's Road East, Queen's Road to Queen's Road," Luo Dayou's song so that people have not been to Hong Kong are very familiar with the Queen's Road, but the reporter came to the famous Queen's Road East, It turned out to be "home street". Wanchai along Queen's Road East area, full of characteristics of the home shop. With the completion of the third phase of the Pacific Place in 2005, more attractive to a number of home stores stationed, focused on the sale of a variety of fabric furniture, curtains, carpets, decorative paintings, wallpaper and pieces of home decoration stores. Among them, the curtain shop up to about 30. Queen's Road East of the curtain shop are generally not large, mostly forty or fifty square meters, and some shops in order to make a larger display space, you choose a cheap rent upstairs shop. In order to be among the many competitors in the favor of consumers, each store are resorted to all the way --- facade design unique thoughts, and carefully selected beautiful fabric color finished curtains, hanging on the wall frame to display. Through the curtains shop window to look inside, red orange yellow green blue and purple, floral stripes, embroidered sequins, all kinds of, dazzling, magnificent. Most of the curtain shops in this street operate from Asia, Europe and the United States and other places of imports of fabric, the average price of 200 Hong Kong dollars a yard (about 0.9 meters). Although there are cheap, there are several shops to write --- fabric clearance clearance, a code from 10 Hong Kong dollars. But it is said that this kind of curtain fabric texture is thin, ordinary color, and some are just ordinary bed linen fabric, no anti-fouling treatment. Most of the curtain shop in addition to custom curtains, but also custom fabric sofa, chairs, etc., can be harmonious matching with the curtains. There are shops not only received personal custom business, but also received hotel curtain business, build large curtains. Came to a house called "layout Square" curtain shop, although its store is not large, but the curtain fabric is very elegant, mainly European style, filled with exotic. Printed or embroidered living room carpets curtain fabric dotted with a variety of exquisite designs, but also has a silk luster. Reporters to the shop owner Huang Xilan asked the origin of the fabric, she said, they shop curtains are imported, including the United States, Italy and other countries, the price of 100-400 Hong Kong dollars a code, ordered a curtain Gauze) about 5,000 Hong Kong dollars or so. When the reporter lamented the price of your side, she smiled and said: "Our shop fabric in this street is a moderate price.Often to our shop to do curtains consumers will buy 200 Hong Kong dollars a yard of fabric, the price of the curtains The quality of the cloth, the color is good, do the curtains of the effect is very good.As we shop custom fabric double sofa as long as 3500 Hong Kong dollars, well crafted, delicate craftsmanship, full of personality, than the real store chain stores such as the quality of the sofa many." Another "US company" shop window placed a few rows of large and small exquisite cushions, looks comfortable and beautiful, people could not help but want to grab a try their soft touch. The shop owner Huang Meixui told reporters that the store curtain fabric are all imported products, but the price range of choice, Feng by the people. The shop from Asian countries and regions of the fabric is cheaper, such as South Korea, Japan, China Taiwan Province, the fabric of more than 100 to 200 Hong Kong dollars a yard, and Italy, Spain and other countries of the fabric color unique, with a sense of design, more than a code More than 200 Hong Kong dollars, and even thousands of Hong Kong dollars a high-grade fabric. The shop in addition to cotton, chemical fiber, linen curtain fabric, there are some silk embroidery fabrics, delicate touch, smooth surface, glossy, but the price is not expensive, 280 Hong Kong dollars a yard. In addition, the store's cushion is the main product, side, round and other different shapes, using silk, brocade and other colored fabrics. Bright color of the cushion can make the color of the elegant room suddenly become lively and lively. However, since the unique, the price is not so approachable: a silk cushion price of 250 Hong Kong dollars, ordinary fabric cushion for 150 Hong Kong dollars. Hong Kong people are more emphasis on interior design, therefore, in recent years, popular home jewelry store more and more popular with local consumers. These shops do not sell large furniture, Windowsill Mats monopoly home decorations, from around the world to introduce rich cultural characteristics of the boutique, so that shoppers around the tour also have the experience of travel abroad. These boutiques also have a major feature, the owner in the procurement and furnishings products, are fully demonstrated personal taste and preferences, virtually create a single personality. Located in the Causeway Bay floor shop --- hedge neighbors, although it is upstairs shop, as long as the rise of a look, floor glass design, the store hung more than ten Nepalese lights, it is mysterious, plus a nostalgic Small Trojans, as well as all kinds of rich national characteristics of supplies, eyes of the scene, like exposure to a small shop in a foreign country to find treasures. Clerk Jiajia said that the store's household goods to national wind-based play, respectively, from Thailand, Afghanistan, Nepal, India and other places, is a national treasure family love treasure a good place. Shop cloth, such as Thailand's cloth to the delicate embroidery known, it is breathtaking; Afghanistan's cloth to win the color, a variety of gradient color evenly; Nepal cloth is like to use a wealth of patterns. From the cloth wall decoration in Afghanistan, bright colors, like a rainbow. In addition to the wall used to whitewash, but also can be decorated counter, or as a mattress use, expensive, 1288 Hong Kong dollars; and made of colored cloth shade, full of Nepal cloth big play pattern features, the price About 300 Hong Kong dollars. Central of the HomeofAndira, which Andira the word, is the pursuit of three women by the name of life --- Angel, Heidi and Flora evolved. Three partners agreed that the most important home is comfortable, and household goods in which is playing an important role. As a result, they personally fly to different parts of the world, such as the United Kingdom, France, Japan, India and other places, widely purchased all kinds of high-quality household items. The shop to home decorations and bedding mainly play, there are some bathroom supplies, such as bathrobes, towels, etc., quite a variety of types, most of them are cotton products, very comfortable. Among them, especially hand-woven quilts and hand-painted products the most characteristic, elegant colors, but without losing style. In general, the use of three or four hundred knitted fabric bedding is a high-end products, and the store's cotton bedding fabric density of more than 1000 needles, particularly comfortable and durable, the price is much cheaper than similar products in the mall, Four sets of 3650 Hong Kong dollars. Housewife Bathroom Mats neighbors are characterized by exotic; HomeofAndira is natural and comfortable; and Causeway Bay home shop RainbowPark brought the cartoon family. According to reports, RainbowPark collection of Australia, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong local multiple personality brands, such as Australia HappyHouse, the British MagicSpells and local TigerBear brand. Even if the brand from different regions, but have a common feature, that is, bright, all the home goods as the name of the "Rainbow" generally fun eye-catching. HappyHouse can be described as color experts, eye-catching colors such as pink, pink and orange jump on the product, embellishment patterns hippopotamus, pig, monkey and Jiaoqiao princess, whether small animals, Jiaoqiao Princess or mysterious wizard, all Modeling chic, plumpy look particularly lovable. No wonder the brand is not only popular in Australia by consumers, but also in South Korea and Singapore is also quite famous. However, the price is not cheap, a small hippo and pig tissue sets have to 199 Hong Kong dollars. Hong Kong's shop turnover is very high, in order to compete in the highly competitive home industry in Hong Kong out, it is critical to have the characteristics. So do not look a lot of home shop area is very small, which is "Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger" --- they design their own products, although the sale is the life of the most simple things, but because of all the special design glow new. Yau Ma Tei new reclamation Street, a home furnishing shop Homeless is such a shop, selling their own design products. Homeless is a delightful thing, the store place is relatively large, there will not be a common feeling in Hong Kong shopping, store goods can be seen is carefully selected, one of the wonderful home furnishings surrounded by , To bring surprises to consumers. Owner Carrie and friends Heyman and John after the Homeless store, she just creative, John is responsible for the design and public relations positions, Heyman is responsible for indoor, household goods design and promotion. Carrie told reporters: "Our division of labor, focus on the director, so now have today's results --- more and more repeat customers, sales are getting better and better. Our store is characterized by operating hand-painted products, its value is not More difficult to be plagiarism. "Reporters see a few hand with her hand-painted pattern of cloth chairs, exquisite, delicate, each chair's patterns are not the same. Indeed, hand-painted texture, level and details are imitated, unlike ordinary fabric design as easy to be copied. Designers from Thailand in recent years in the world market gradually favored, with simple humor style as a blueprint for the design of the Thai bed brand HumanTouch, just six years, distribution points throughout the United States, Japan, Italy and Singapore, the pillow sold Sets of what is not the use of a unique material, selling the "design". Unexpectedly, as the advertising design company boss Wu Yongtong and Zhu Yingzi travel to Thailand last year, a fancy to HumanTouch products have business opportunities, and apply to become agents in Hong Kong, quickly in the end of last year in Causeway Bay shop. HumanTouch is designed with simple humor patterns and short sentences, such as "BoymeetsGirl" series of couples pillow bag suits, very popular. For a weekend, an average of about forty sets of pillow covers for one hundred and seventy-eight Hong Kong dollars can be sold. The next step, with the designer's Wu Yongtong and Zhu Yingzi intends to design their own brand, with Thailand's HumanTouch and Hong Kong's ihome companies to produce, such as birthday, environmental protection and current affairs as the theme of household goods. Central Wellington Street also has a home shop like this design route. Its name means to let the guests into the Homey, there is like home at home as comfortable feeling. It is a creative home shop, in addition to sales of Japan, Thailand imported household items, Acting British female designer ClareNicolson fabric products, they also put their own ideas added to the goods, the production of some modeling unique cushion , Like a box, a small mind has made the goods have another different feeling. According to the shopkeeper revealed that they will also be in the future exhibition and the sale of Hong Kong young designers work. In July and August, they will showcase the products of ClareNicolson, a British female designer who will be represented by them. In September they will showcase the theme products of local designer CarryLam, and then they will continue to contact the local designer and design school students. Exhibition of different concepts of works. The industry believes that with the development of business forms, Hong Kong's home furnishing stores are also changing, from the past to sell a single home decorations, to more diversified products, home stores, living museum transformation, the content covers almost home life All aspects, from home decorations, curtains to lighting, fabric furniture, and even clothes,Floor Mats jewelry are sold together. Some shops drink water cups, rest of the sofa are clearly marked price for sale. These stores are not only operating characteristics, more critical is the store's things are emphasized creativity, design content is very high, many are handmade, so the style is clear, full of personality, many of which are personalized household items in the Big home chain shop can not find. The owner of these stores are mostly hobby home appliances fanatical, very sensitive to the home fashion, a higher aesthetic taste, familiar with the market. And their stores are almost all of their own Amoy back or self-developed design, so quite taste. Compared with the commercial atmosphere of the hypermarket environment, these stores are obviously more taste of life decoration. In addition, this shop can also give consumers a personalized home furnishings to bring some reference value. If consumers want to buy a household items, you can take their own home style with the store environment for comparison. In addition to buy furniture, there are many household items, ornaments, cloth, etc. to choose from, and some shops also provide customized services. The more the home shop, the richer the product on the market, the consumer to provide different personalized options


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